Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Night before Middle School

Why is it that I can never manage to fall asleep the night before school starts? You would think it was me starting middle school tomorrow instead of my oldest Lexi. Tomorrow morning my little girl enters a new stage in her life and honestly....I am just not ready for it! I remember thinking the night before she started Kindergarden...well tomorrow will be the day she begins to learn everything she needs to know. Isn't it true that we really DO learn everything we need to know in Kindergarden? I don't remember being up half the night wondering if she was going to be ok....so why am I up half the night tonight wondering what in the world is she going to learn and if she will survive Middle School??

My mind has taken me back to my good old days of Northern Middle School. I remember meeting my friend Kim (M) in homeroom that first day....our friendship still means the world to me! I remember meeting my first love and experiencing my first kiss (Chris R. I am talking about you). Chris and I to this day still remain good friends. I had my first experience really being a part of a group (I was in the band and on the flag squad). I learned how to sew in home economics....and how to use a t-square with Mr. Zube (sp?). Realizing after both of those classes that I better come up with a different career plan for myself. I remember getting in trouble for the first time and also watching my friend Steve H. wear a skirt to school in protest of the schools shorts policy. I remember coming home from school and being on my own for an hour before my mom got home and talking on the phone for hours. I did a lot of growing up in those tough middle school years and I managed to not only survive but also to learn a lot about myself.

Tomorrow when she gets on that bus I am sending her out into the world to meet others and to learn about who she is and what she wants to be. Letting Go and Letting God is going to be hard for me....but I know it's time. Time for her to make those life long friendships and find those things that she enjoys in life. And time for me to watch her grow.....hopefully I won't sleep through the alarm to wake her up :)

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